Airtype is a design, branding and interactive agency in Winston-Salem, NC and Portland, OR.


At Airtype, design is not the sole responsibility of our designers. Design is a part of everyone's job description. We start with a problem and creatively collaborate to plan a way forward to the right solution. For us, design is not just a step in the process, it's the framework for everything we do. 


Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or a local upstart brewery, we love the brands we work with. We use the brands we work with. We look to invest ourselves into our client's unique traits and transform their vision to a tangible identity. There are few things more rewarding than that investment.


There's no point in fantastic creative if it doesn't work. And we love to make stuff work. The internet moves quickly, but we make sure to invest significant time into emerging technologies so that we can keep up. We believe that using the web should be a functional joy and work to make every project as slick as possible. In other words, we're nerds.


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