Natural American Spirit

Made with 100% additive-free, natural and organic tobacco, it's safe to say nobody makes cigarettes quite like Natural American Spirit. We set out to build an online home for Natural American Spirit as unique as their product.

Products, Products, Products

It's pretty simple; when the quality of the product speaks for itself, you let it do all the talking. From how the tobacco is naturally grown to the stand-out packaging you see on the shelves, is designed to weed out distractions and focus on the goods.

Creating A Custom Experience

Using data that was gathered in the field as well as online, we customized what each user saw based on their product preferences, geographic location, and likelihood to purchase the product. Prefer a mellow smoke? We'll make it easy to find what you're looking for. Just interested in a trial pack? Right this way. For a brand that is still educating consumers on the differentiation of their product, this was vital for helping users get to the right place quickly. 

Three Days On A Farm

People often don't think of tobacco as an agricultural product. But, just like tomatoes or corn, the tobacco grown for Natural American Spirit is grown on family farms, using natural growing practices that have been passed down for generations. We wanted to capture that in a compelling way, so we sent our video team to a handful of these family farms and did our best to tell their story.

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